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A modern uncluttered look or traditional colonial elegance, how would you describe plantation shutters?   There is no doubting the recent popularity of this window treatment which offers privacy with a view, together with control of glare and light.   Hinged panels with adjustable louvres, you open the panels on their hinges to access the window for opening or cleaning, you control light and privacy by adjusting the louvres by means of a tilt rod (hidden tilt is an option) louvre sizes to be chosen depending on specific requirements.   Changing Curtains have been fitting shutters for many years and we support our products, for that reason we do not sell the cheapest shutters nor the most expensive, we sell good quality reasonably priced shutters that offer excellent long term value.  The shutters themselves are only one half of the equation they also require fitting, all of the shutters shown on this page were fitted by Changing Curtains, we think to an above average standard.

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47mm louvres in tier-on-tier style Highgate
47mm louvres in tier-on-tier style. You do achieve
greater privacy but at a cost of some light. A total of
16 panels and tilt rods.

Shutters come in 5 louvre sizes
32mm & 115mm are rarely useful

Here we have
47mm   /   63mm   /   89mm

Bigger windows tend to suit bigger louvres
Bigger louvres let more light in
It's your home, which do you like best?

Every shutter installation is different, louvre size,
panel configeration, type of wood used. Our senior
fitter has 20 years experience and will bring
samples when he comes to survey.

63mm louvres with full height panels allowing more light and view Tufnell Park
63mm louvres with full height panels allowing more
light and view, this is a garden flat and white
shutters somehow seem to reflect the light, wood
stain or cedar would reduce the light much more. A
total of 4 panels with mid-rails and 8 tilt rods

20 years ago warping was a major issue with
shutters. To prevent this all of our shutters are
constructed using mortice and tenon joints and
all of our shutters are made with an engineered
core to prevent the stiles from twisting in the
natural way of wood.

We can supply shutters in basswood, poplar and
parasol wood. Available in 6 or more whites and
over thirty stain options

For an inexpensive hard wearing option MDF/LDF
must be considered. With an engineered core, this
product is polymer coated rather than painted and
is wipe clean and available in 3 shades of white.

89mm louvres in lime white hanging from tracking system on patio doors Hackney
89mm louvres in Lime white stain. These shutters
are hung from a tracking system to avoid the
dreaded hinge-droop that would otherwise occur.


The engineered core is a high quality woodworking
option where the raw timber is cut into thin veneers
which are then glued back together with a thicker
veneer on the outside to carry the grain, this
produces a piece of worked timber that is much stronger than the original and because the capillaries have been broken within the piece it is extremely unlikely to warp. Furthermore our shutters have undergone testing in the extremes of the Arizona sun to ensure they are durable. It would be much easier and cheaper to produce shutters with solid wood stiles, they are just not of the same quality.

Whilst we guarantee our shutters for 3 years,
we do expect them to last much longer given
reasonable treatment.

63mm silk white triangular shaped shutters Tufnell Park
Special shapes are possible


63mm silk white triangular shaped shutters Tufnell Park
63mm louvres, offset tilt rods on some panels


47mm louvres, offset tilt rods, arched shutters Islington
47mm louvres, offset tilt rods


Oiled Western Red Cedar shutters with 63mm louvres Muswell Hill
63mm louvres oiled cedar
Western Red Cedar, simply superb timber for
shutters. Cedar does have a very pronounced figuring and the only colour choice is medium light or
medium dark. It is available laquered but to be
honest if you want cedar you almost certainly want
it oiled for that wonderful scent.
At the raw lumber stage cedar costs considerably
more than the other woods we use, however cedar is
so well suited to shutter production with its straight true
grain that we have relatively little wastage so we can
sell our cedar shutters for no more than a small
premium over our other fine hardwood shutters.
Attractive and efficient. Oiled Western Red Cedar shutters with 63mm louvres Archway
63mm louvres oiled cedar


bay window privacy Crouch End
47mm louvres to light bar


63mm louvres in Highgate
63mm louvres full height panels


63mm louvres to sash Muswell Hill
63mm louvres to sash

cafe style or half height shutters with 47mm louvres for privacy Archway
47mm cafe height shutters for privacy

Cafe style or half height shutters are often used
for privacy or perceived security



Shutter prices fluctuate with exchange rates and
periodic sales incentives. Changing Curtains are
always competitive and will usually price match any
quote from a reliable local retailer offering a similar
quality of shutter and a comparable standard of
installation and service.

47mm louvres cafe style Highgate
47mm cafe shutters for privacy
Roof shutters with 89mm louvres for shade and light Parliament Hill
Roof shutters with 89mm louvres for shade and light



With a frame which mounts directly onto your
window frames or is side fixed inside a recess,
together with wood to wood closure of the louvres
shutters offer excellent draughtproofing and
insulation qualities. When you also consider how
flexible they are in terms of controlling light, glare
and privacy you realise that in the right location
shutters make a superb window treatment


Full height shutters in this lower ground floor flat for privacy and perceived security Highgate
Full height shutters in this lower ground floor flat for privacy and perceived security
Full height shutters with 63mm louvre and a midrail for excellent control of privacy and light Highgate
63mm full height with mid-rail
Shop window display showing different louvre sizes Changing Curtains Highgate
47mm       63mm       89mm       115mm
Shop window display showing different louvre sizes
Tier on tier style shutters with 63mm louvres Highgate
Tier on tier style shutters with 63mm louvres

Many more pictures on gallery page

Shutters can require periodic maintenance or repair.
Louvre to tilt rod staples have been yanked out, usually by energetic children, we can replace them. ( the staples not the children :)
People have misjudged distances and collided heavily with louvres causing breakage, we can cut out the old and replace as new.
Louvres have been known to work loose, we can tighten them.
With a laminated core our shutters are extremely unlikely to warp - North London houses on the other hand have been known to move, if we have installed your shutters for you, we are available to carry out any subsequent remedial work.
Because we use high quality panels such occurences are rare - but - we have installed thousands of shutter panels, and each of these problems has occurred, and, if it happens to your shutters it's a pain. If we have fitted your shutters we will share your pain and carry out any remedial work necessary.
We do not repair other peoples shutters


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