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Luxaflex PowerView Blinds London
Intelligent , child safe, home automation
working blinds on display

As well as one of the best Luxaflex displays in theCentral or North London area
we have working PowerView blinds set up with a hub all fully programmed in.
You are welcome to try them out


Luxaflex PowerView Twist Blinds

raise, lower and "tickle" control

PowerView Twist Roller Blind halfway down open
PowerView Twist Roller Blind halfway down closed
PowerView Twist Roller Blind fully down open
PowerView Twist Roller Blind fully down closed
Click to visit PowerView Twist Roller page

Twist Roller Blinds offer various levels of Privacy and Shade whether fully down or part way
We have a fullly interactive display controlled by "remote control" or "hub and app",
you are welcome to pop in and try it

PowerView Twist Roller Blinds come in a wide number of shades and textures and there is also
a vast range of high performance fabrics in the regular Luxaflex Roller Blind range
all of which are available as PowerView

Luxaflex PowerView Duette Blinds

Top Down and Bottom Up - raise, lower and adjust
( covers whatever portion of the window you want - an amazing piece of kit )

PowerView Duette Blind lowered halfway
PowerView Duette Blind fully down
PowerView Duette Blind covering bottom half of window
PowerView Duette Blind stacked at bottom
PowerView Duette Blind covers whichever portion of the window you choose
Click to visit PowerView Duette Top Down / Bottom Up page

Luxaflex Top Down & Bottom Up Duette Blinds can be stacked at the top or stacked at the bottom or can cover any portion of the window. Excellent room darkening effect with "blackout" fabrics, pop in and try out the fully operational Luxaflex PowerView Display in our retail shop

Luxaflex PowerView Silhouette Blinds

raise, lower and tilt controls

Click to visit PowerView Silhouette Page

All PowerView blinds can be battery powered - no wiring needed, or ,
if you prefer, there is a plug in power supply with exension leads for a concealed
supply if you are still at the planning and building stage

We have fully functioning blinds on display, which can be controlled by a remote control. You can also control these blinds with an app on your smartphone or iPad, our display blinds are linked into the wifi system via a special hub to allow this, and if you are technically a bit quicker than me you can probably work out how to control them from overseas via the internet ( apparently its really easy !)

Using the PowerView App to quickly customise scenes and schedules.
Link to sunrise and sunset times or use to control solar heat gain.
Adjust shades remotely while you are away for security.
Cord free operation, aesthetically pleasing and safer for children and pets.

Changing Curtains offer a measure and installation service for PowerView Blinds in North London and Central London and in East London / Docklands


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