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The photos on this page show a small selection of real curtain, blind and shutter installations carried out by Changing Curtains. These are not studio mock-ups with perfect lighting and colour balance and windows that no longer open, what we are trying to show is a variety of different practical, workable solutions to various issues such as privacy, draughts, glare and darkness, what is practical, what meets your design criteria for your home, plus the visual and acoustic impact of window treatments. If you see anything of interest click on the photo to go to bigger and possibly more pictures of that installation

curtains on poles / curtains on tracks / curtains with eyelets / curtains with pelmets / roman blinds / woodslat blinds / roller blinds / bottom up blinds / other blinds / shutters

 Curtains on poles

Romo curtains on straight 5.8m pole with passing rings - not too full, you can see the pattern but they stack back neatly Crouch End
Traditional Sanderson damask interlined and pinch pleated on bay window and straight pole Maida Vale West London
Marimekko tuuli, interlined and blackout, virtually no gather, hung from a simple steel pole Golders Green
Camengo Ecuador lightly gathered on a bay pole Archway
Marimekko Lumimarja interlined and blackout on a 32mm metal pole with recess brackets Alexandra Park
Silk curtains on bay window pole with cafe height shutters for privacy Highgate
Calico curtains suspended from a 50mm wooden pole. Recess brackets at each end West Hampstead
Marimekko flowers on chrome pole Islington
Romo fabric on a pole with cafe shutters Tufnell Park
Curtains on a wooden pole Crouch End
Artificial silk curtains on bay window pole Tufnell Park
Marimekko fabric on a 7metre pole with a sloping vertical blind around the corner Tufnell Park
Linen curtains on a Bradley Collection bay window pole, 25mm polished steel Highgate
Large corner pole with multiple passing brackets, the curtains are only fixed at each end. Muswell Hill
Osborne & Little Swirl, interlined and pencil pleated on a 50mm pole Swiss Cottage
Bay window curtain pole, Romo fabric, pinch pleat, interlined and blackout. Tufnell Park
Romo fabric, interlined and pinch pleated on a 32mm pole, with matching wallpaper to chimney breast  Highgate
pinch pleat curtains on a 19mm pole Highgate
Sanderson printed linen, pinch pleats on a bay pole with roller blinds in this lower ground floor window Tufnell Park
Cedarwood shutters, romo fabric Hornsey
single curtain works well on asymetric window Crouch End
Morris & Co fabric is still readily available, here interlined on a bay window pole Tottenham
Marimekko flowers, bright and cheerful, interlined and blackout Hampstead Garden Suburb
Harlequin interlined on white 50mm wooden poles with plantation shutters Tufnell Park

Curtains on tracks

Faux silk curtains with a corded white steel curtain track fitted to ceiling Wood Green
Camengo Amazonia blackout lined and pinch pleated on bay & straight window tracks West Hampstead
corded bay window double track system Hampstead
Faux silk curtains, interlined and pinch pleated, on a corded steel bay window track Muswell Hill
don't hide the stained glass, the top middle window needs to be able to open from the top Muswell Hill
Osborne & Little Chrysanthemum undergathered with the simplest tape heading in order to show the flowers Highgate
Faux suede, interlined and pinch pleated, mounted on a corded steel bay track West Hampstead
French cloque work in silk, interlined and pinch pleated curtains, corded steel bay window track Hornsey
Faux silk with hidden track Highgate
Harlequin curtains, interlined and pinch pleated on corded steel bay track Highgate
real silk repaired with linen leading edges Hampstead
marimekko interlined and blackout on a corded steel bay window curtain track Muswell Hill
Simple lined linen curtains on bay window track with cafe shutters for privacy Islington
Red faux silk curtains, interlined and pinch pleated on a corded steel bay curtain track fitted to ceiling Muswell Hill
Velvet curtains, interlined and pinch-pleated, on corded steel bay window track together with simple bottom up blinds for privacy Tufnell Park


Curtains with eyelets

marimekko gingko interlined and eyeletted on poles Stoke Newington
Eyeletted curtains with blackout lining Totteridge
eyeletted curtains on double chrome pole with voiles behind Islington
Artificial silk curtains, eyeletted on a pole with bottom up blinds for privacy Crouch End
Marimekko pelimani interlined blackout and eyeletted on a pole Stoke Newington
Romo curtains interlined and eyeletted on a pole Tufnell Park
Prestigious fabric , interlined and eyeletted on a pole Muswell Hill
Marimekko Tuuli black, interlined and eyeletted and blackout Stoke Newington


Curtains with pelmets, covered fascia or swags & tails, also door curtains

Curtains with flat pelmet - sometimes called a box pelmet Highgate
curtains with swags and tails Highgate
Interlined Linen Damask curtains with shaped gathered pelmet Marylebone
curtains with swags and tails and jabots - if you can draw it we can make it Muswell Hill
Built in pelmet behind cornice hides the corded steel track Highgate
Pinch pleat curtain on covered fascia or covered lath Stamford Hill
Lightly padded flat pelmet Highgate
Red Faux Silk interlined and pinch pleated mounted on covered fascia  covered lath Highgate
simple contrast pelmet links linen curtains Finchley
Door curtain on 32mm pole with recess brackets Enfield
Goblet pleat curtains in cream damask on covered fascia with simple white roller blinds Archway
Door curtain for draught exclusion wall-to-wall Stoke Newington

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds all round bay window in Andrew Martin silk Highgate
marimekko lumimarja roman blinds Stroud Green
blackout roman blinds fitted behind voile curtains Highgate
6 blackout romans on  patio doors Kentish Town
a combination of roman blinds and curtain on a pole St Johns Wood
linen roman blinds in bay window Totteridge
blackout roman blind with control chain Hampstead Garden Suburb
roman blinds made from clients curtains in discontinued fabric Hampstead
wall-to-wall roman shade blinds Crouch End
roman blinds on tall patio doors Belsize Park
simple roman blinds in natural linen Tottenham
Blackout Roman blinds in a vertically striped fabric Islington
roman shade blinds on patio doors Golders Green
a simple roman blind in calico Kensington
roman blinds on dormer windows Crouch End
Shade romans to this balcony Highgate
marimekko lumimarja roman blinds Stroud Green
unlined roman shade blinds West End


Woodslat Venetian Blinds

50mm white woodslats in bay window Hampstead
Canadian maple woodslat blinds fitted in tufnell park north london
White 50mm wood slat venetians Finchley
Three white 50mm slatted wood blinds Hampstead
50mm auburn wooden venetian blinds fitted in Palmers Green, North London
50mm hazel wood slat venetian blind fitted  in Highgate, North London
50mm cedar wood slatted blinds Camden
50mm white woodslat in kitchen Muswell Hill
halfway through replacing 25mm brown slatted blinds with 50mm white slats Swiss Cottage
three individual 50mm woodslat blinds Palmers Green
50mm Canadian Maple wood slat venetian fitted in a bath and shower area Highgate
Real cherry wood venetian blinds fitted in Holland Park
A pair of 50mm wood slat venetians Crouch End
35mm auburn woodslats at bay window Tufnell Park
50mm tawny woodslat Old St EC1
White woodslat venetian blind with 35mm slats, cord tilt and cord raise and lower Crouch End
Voile curtain on a pole in front of this woodslat to soften the overall look Islington
cedar woodslat venetian blinds Camden


Roller Blinds

simple hessian roller blinds Swiss Cottage
Roller blinds with shaped bottoms North Finchley
Textured weave roller blinds Holloway
kitchen roller blinds Muswell Hill
Roller blinds for privacy together with curtains on a bay window pole Tufnell Park
simple white roller blinds Finchley
sunscreen roller blinds Hampstead
roller blind with single asymetric curtain Crouch End
Morris & Co fabric laminated for a roller blind Highgate
Patio door roller blind Muswell Hill
electric motorised roller blinds Highgate


Bottom Up Blinds

bottom up blinds on UPVC windows Golders Green
bottom up roller blinds in a bathroom Crouch End
duette bottom up blinds using a cord control Tufnell Park
Artificial silk curtains eyeletted on a pole with bottom up blinds for privacy Alexandra Park
bottom up roller blinds using the cuphook system Friern Barnet
Bottom Up roller blinds fitted in Tufnell Park North London
shop display of bottom up blinds showing different systems Highgate
Faux suede curtains on a track with bottom up blinds fitted to UPVC windows West Hampstead


Vertical Blinds, Pleated & Duette Blinds, Alluminium Venetian Blinds

vertical blind on patio door Archway
White duette blinds Hendon
Duette blinds fitted in Tufnell Park
50mm aluminium venetian blinds with tapes Hampstead
25mm aluminium venetian Crouch End
15mm aluminium venetians Belsize Park
vertical blind on bedroom wall of glass Highgate
50mm aluminium venetians fitted in a modern studio in hackney
sloping vertical blind Tufnell Park
25mm aluminium venetian in a bathroom Stoke Newington
Duette blind on wardrobe Muswell Hill


Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters in bathroom in highgate
triangular shaped shutters in Highgate
arched shutters with offset tilt rods Islington
Oiled western red cedsr shutters fitted in muswell hill
MDF shutters with 64mm louvres Highgate
Roof shutters for shade in this kitchen overlooking Hampstead Heath
patio door shutters on a tracking system Hackney
wider panels & wider louvres let in more light Highgate
Tier on tier, bifold shutters with 47mm louvres Islington
MDF shutters with 63mm louvers Highgate
tier on tier shutters Highgate
oiled cedar with 63mm louvres Archway
Silk white shutters with 63mm louvres Tufnell Park
silk white tier on tier shutters with 63mm louvres Highgate
MDF shutters with 64mm louvers Highgate
Full height panels with mid-rails and 63mm louvres, less structure than tier-on-tier Highgate
Tall and narrow suits MDF with lots of hinges to carry the weight Swiss Cottage
Silk white tier on tier shutters with 63mm louvres fitted in Muswell Hill, North London
Tier on tier shutters with 63mm louvres Highgate
shutters in silk white wood with 63mm louvres are the only window treatment throughout this modern North London apartment Crouch End
half height shutters giving full privacy Muswell Hill
cafe height privacy shutters with linen curtains Islington
47mm louvres cafe style Highgate
Cafe height shutters provide privacy and perceived security with 47mm louvres Archway
Tier on tier shutters with 63mm louvres and hidden tilt rod Stroud Green
Wood shutters with 47mm louvres, tier on tier Kentish Town
47mm louvres in tier-on-tier style Highgate
bay window privacy Crouch End
Pearl shutters 47mm louvres, tier on tier Finchley
silk white shutters LLL and RRR tier on tier with 64mm louvres Highgate
Wooden shutters with 47mm louvres, tier on tier in silk white Enfield
MDF shutters with 63mm louvres in silk white Finsbury Park
Solid panel bi-fold shutters Highgate
Full height door panels with 63mm louvres Tufnell Park
Silk white shutters with 47mm louvres Hampstead
63mm louvres with full height panels allowing more light and view Tufnell Park
MDF silk white shutters with 47mm louvres Islington
Stained wood shutter with 47mm louvres St Johns Wood
half height oiled cedar wood shutters with 47mm louvres, together with interlined, pinch pleat curtains Stroud Green
Cafe height 47mm louvres in silk white Tufnell Park

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