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Secondhand Curtain Agency

We no longer sell secondhand curtains

As of September 2016, we are no longer taking in secondhand curtains for re-sale.
Over the years there has been a definite reduction in the quantity and quality of secondhand curtains available, there is also less demand

Below is the page as was - (likely to be updated/removed soon)

We are occasionally asked why we sell secondhand curtains as if they were somehow of lesser quality than new curtains?  We only take in curtains in good condition - preferably as new.  The fact is that having been involved with secondhand curtains for more than twenty years we have seen some fabulous and unique creations that will have a life of very many years - we have sold full length, interlined curtains in designer names such as Romo, Henry Bertrand, Colefax and Fowler, Bennison, Osborne and Little, Andrew Martin, Pierre Frey, Sanderson, William Morris, Harlequin and many more. We have also seen some truly unique hand woven and hand printed fabrics from France and Italy. restored antique bridal hangings from Uzbekistan and stunning French cloque work in silk. We never know what will come through the door next.

All of the pictures below were taken by our staff after we supplied and fitted the curtains - please click on any picture for a larger version

Simple lined linen curtains on bay rack with half-height shutters Islington
Simple lined linen curtains on a corded bay window curtain track with half height shutters for privacy and security (the shutters we supplied new)

Where do they come from?
From show homes, property changing
hands, people changing their minds,
curtains become available.

Roll end of cream damask, interlined with pencil pleat tape heading, mounted on a simple metal bay pole Kensington
Cream damask curtains, interlined for thermal and
acoustic insulation, fitted on a bay window pole

We also have roll ends and clearance which has been made up interlined - these are actually new curtains but we can never get the fabric again.

Pole wall-to-wall across entrance hall Stoke Newington
A pair of interlined curtains, one on the
front door and one on the back


Curtains hanging in Changing Curtains
Photo of secondhand curtains hanging in shop

When you find the perfect fabric in the perfect size for your windows you get the full benefit of how curtain agency works - we can also do alterations.

Faux suede, interlined and pinch pleated, mounted on a corded steel bay track West Hampstead
Faux suede, interlined and pinch pleated on
a corded bay track with bottom up blinds

Why buy secondhand curtains?
Because, at their best they are stunning
bargains and genuine recycling. We only
take in good quality curtains in excellent


,Interlined, pinch pleated silk curtains on baypole with cafe shutters Crouch End
Yarn dyed, shot silk interlined and pinch pleated on a baypole with cafe shutters


Curtains are adaptable, good curtains last a long time.


Interlined linen curtains with flat contrast pelmet Finchley
A client found these interlined linen curtains in the shop but she already had a pelmet board and track. The curtains were perfect but with no more fabric we created the pelmet and tiebacks in contrast faux suede.


Curtains hanging in Changing Curtains
More secondhand curtains hanging in shop

We take in and sell good quality
secondhand curtains, full length, usually
interlined, often designer fabrics and in
excellent condition.




Good stock always wanted



Interlined and blackout curtains and pelmet Highgate
Interlined and blackout. They were too long so
we shortened them and made a pelmet

Can you keep these for me ?
Yes if you pop in and see something
perfect, then ask us to put a reserved
sticker on the curtains until your
partner can see them.

Interlined gold damask curtains with shaped fringed pelmet and matching tiebacks Marylebone
Gold damask interlined curtains with shaped fringed pelmet and matching tiebacks - we shortened the curtains for their new owner



There is no rhyme or reason to the secondhand, it comes, it goes and when they are perfect, they are simply too good to miss.


French cloque silk, beautiful and unique Haringey
French cloque silk, beautiful and unique, we
can never get enough of this quality of item.



Curtains hanging in Changing Curtains
More secondhand curtains hanging in shop


If we don't have suitable curtains available on the agency side, we do have hundreds of samples of inexpensive fabrics we can make to the exact size and style you require.



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