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Bay window corded steel curtain track

A bay window track can be attached to the window frame, to the wall, or to the ceiling. The brackets are adjustable to allow for mounting across uneven surfaces past the end of the window. You do need something to fix to, UPVC fascias or old lathe and plaster walls are not always sufficient, they may require additional support, which sometimes means fixing a batten. We do not order bay window tracks from a wholesaler - we build them on site the old fashioned way. We bring the components and a bending kit and start by fitting the brackets, then bending a steel track to the required shape and cutting to length, then adding roller bearing pulleys, master slides and metal reinforced gliders, we cord the track separately to each side left and right to reduce friction and extend track life, we guarantee our work for a year without quibble but would reallistically expect many years service from a properly installed and maintained track, which is fully recordable and repairable should that be required. Here we have created a firm foundation with a batten all around, securely screwed in many places, and we have then fixed our track to the batten. When the room is next painted the batten will merge with the window. We do not do the wet paint bit, just undercoat prior to install.


Here are the curtains - track and batten become less noticable


When drawn you can't see the track at all - just Camengo


Below is a corded steel track fitted to the ceiling, this also helps to reduce light wash at the top


Below the track is fitted to the top edge of the window frame

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